UPDATE! Journalism: Worthless Degree

I found it quite humorous the amount of backlash and comments/emails I received after posting this about Journalism being the #1 Most Useless Degree. First, people need to to chill out because I didn’t make this up, although I do highly feel this way. Second, a very large majority of the people enrolled at the Missouri Jskewl need to lock it up and let go of their ego. Thirdly, I can totally say this and have factual information to back it up because I once was a jskewl n00b prince.

In the Fall 2009, Spring and Summer 2010 semesters, 4,507 people graduated from the University of Missouri. Of the 2,777 graduates who replied to the Destination Study, 68 percent of them are now employed or enrolled in a continuing education program. The school with the lowest placement rate was (drum roll…) the jskewl with 53 percent. (Information here.)

L00k @ meh! I go to the University of Missouri, the #1 jskewl in the werld! I’m kewl & gonna get a job, duhz!

Anyways, I have nothing to do with the jskewl anymore, so I wish each graduate the best of luck. I simply posted my previous post because I found it interesting. If you want to know more check out this most recent article from J-School Buzz.

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