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Mortifying E-mail Mistake of the Day

A couple of days ago I sent an e-mail to everyone in my office seeing if someone could stay a little late because I had a meeting to attend at the end of the day. For some reason, everyone leaves at 4pm, so I’m always left alone. Whatever. Well, I CC-ed the wrong person. I meant to CC my boss, Dave Roberts, instead I CC-ed some random guy named Dave Robertson.

Sent: Mon 11/1/2010 15:54
To: EL, KH, KC, KV, ZN, DJ
Cc: DR
Subject: Office Hours

Hey guys –

Is anyone available to work 4-5pm tomorrow (Tuesday, 2.November)? I have a Greek Life meeting to attend. Please let me know! :)


To make the situation even worse, I found out that theDave Robertson I CC-ed is the Dean of the Art School! Ha ha ha ha I wanted to die.