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8 Things You Are Doing Incorrect on LinkedIn

Molly Cain | Forbes

Get some recommendations. Send out a request for a recommendation to at least five people you’ve worked with or currently work with.You’ll be surprised at how willing, honest and complimentary people will be of your work.

Too Many Recommendations
If you get a flood of recommendations one day, everyone will know you’re looking for a job. Job searching occurs under the radar. Always be looking for recommendations, even when you’re satisfied with your job.

If you lie, you will eventually get caught.

Don’t be a creep. Take your party elsewhere. If you see someone on LinkedIn that you find attractive, find another way. Or connect to them and actually be profession and strike up a real networking relationship.

Not Describing Your Job
Some say it’s okay to list job titles only, and then put the description in the summary at the top of the overall profile. Some say it’s best to describe each job, as if building a résumé. When it comes down to it, either of these works, you just have to do one of them so people know you actually work. 

No Photo
Ask an amateur photographer friend to snap a few pictures of you. You’ll reap the rewards.

Think about your hobbies, your organizations, what you do for fun and list them. It shows that you’re human and that you enjoy life. Then list any awards you’ve won at work and any professional affiliations you may have. Then go out and join a few LinkedIn groups, start a few discussions and get active.

Change Your Profile
Don’t do any major fixes to your profile all at once, be strategic about it. Make changes gradually and smartly. You have colleagues who keep an eye on your profile regularly.

Finally! My LinkedIn profile is 100% complete.
Connect with me here!

Finally! My LinkedIn profile is 100% complete.

Connect with me here!

Join me on LinkedIn!

Join me on LinkedIn!

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